Difference between Black Coffee and Green Coffee

Coffee! An antidote to daily stress. You must have seen people around you who can’t even get their day through without coffee. Coffee can even sometimes become the only source to keep you working all day long. Let’s discuss the difference between Black Coffee and Green Coffee and the benefits in this article.



Difference between Black Coffee and Green Coffee


Why is coffee so famous? Is it actually the taste of coffee or the feeling of having a break from work? It’s the magic of caffeine in coffee that gives you a mood lift, alertness, and energy to work further. But, how much caffeine are you allowed to drink daily? What is the best source of coffee?


Which one is better? Difference between Black Coffee and Green Coffee


The main difference between green coffee and black coffee is that green coffee is the raw unroasted form of coffee and when it’s roasted it’s black coffee. Obviously, the roasted coffee tastes much better but with a great taste, it also brings extra caffeine with it. Let us understand about different types of coffees one by one.

What is Black Coffee?


The raw coffee plant fruits are dried up and roasted to make ground coffee. Then these roasted beans are soaked in water to get the flavor. Drinking black coffee straight is very popular and common worldwide. Black Coffee also serves as the basic flavor for many other milk-based beverages both hot and cold. Even though black coffee is calories, it still contains caffeine and few nutrients.

How to make black coffee?


Ground coffee is the most commonly used form of coffee worldwide. Ground coffee is made by grinding roasted beans. It is a kind of pre-brewed coffee and only two things are needed to make black coffee and water. There are different ways to make a coffee-like pour-over, French press, instant coffee, iced, cold brew, etc.

Benefits of drinking black coffee


  1. Helps in improving metabolism and reducing weight.
  2. improves or stimulates our nervous system and makes performance better especially during mental and physical exertion.
  3. Reduces the risk of developing other co-morbid conditions like Diabetes Cardiovascular Diseases, and liver cirrhosis, especially in people who drink alcohol.
  4. Helps in improving memory and may prevent the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  5. Reduces chances of inflammation, and in long term reduces chances of developing cancers, especially liver and colon cancers.
  6. Helps in refreshing the mind and reducing help.
  7. Acts as a diuretic, keeps your kidney flushed and working.

What are the side effects of black coffee?


  1. As black coffee is a stimulant, too much quantity of black coffee acts as a stimulant to the brain and may lead to unexplained anxiety and stress.
  2. Frequent cups of black coffee may hamper absorption of other nutrients.
  3. Caffeine consumption just before bed disturbs your sleep.
  4. You may develop acidity and acid reflux with excessive coffee consumption.

How much black coffee is optimum to drink?


Although two cups of coffee in a day is enough and ideal to have, as per research one can have a safer limit of a maximum of 400 mg of caffeine /day. It is approximately 4cups (200-250ml each) of coffee per day.


What is green coffee?


Coffee beans are actually seeds of coffee plants. Green coffee is the raw form of coffee seeds. It’s the natural coffee extract directly from the coffee plant. It’s used as is it, without roasting. Roasting leads to the destruction of some chlorogenic acids present in coffee seeds. These chlorogenic acids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.


Escaping the process of roasting makes it almost flavorless. But at the same time, it retains its raw and more potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.


Green coffee will not give you the feeling of coffee at all, in fact, most of the time it just may feel like green tea, very bland and tasteless. But it has more potent healthier effects than black coffee.


There are many ways to consume green coffee. You can either grind the beans or use them raw. Green coffee powder is soaked in a cup of water (best with hot water) for 5-10 minutes and later we can filter it before drinking. To make it tastier you can add different readymade essence or cinnamon powder. One can also soak the beans overnight and next day boil the water for a few minutes. Also, you can take green tea capsules.

Benefits of drinking green coffee


  1. Weight reduction- Like green tea, green coffee helps in reducing weight by two mechanisms, firstly it acts by increasing the activity of a gene called “PPAR alpha” which is responsible for Fat metabolism, secondly it reduces fat deposition by slowing down the breakdown of starch.
  2. Protects your heart muscles by hormone stabilizing effects and antioxidant properties.
  3. Improves brain function- green coffee improves your brain function by minimizing the formation of certain plaques which are associated with the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  4. Helps against Diabetes Mellitus- green coffee helps in reducing the chances of developing Diabetes, also in those who already have diabetes green coffee will help in reducing circulating blood sugar by minimizing the breakdown of carbohydrates to sugars.
  5. Help control blood pressure and cholesterol by reducing stress hormone production.


Precautions for drinking green coffee


As mentioned above the safe limit for consuming green coffee is around four cups of coffee or around 960 ml per day. Keep these facts in mind while drinking green coffee-


  1. As green coffee is a stimulant, it can increase anxiety in people who are already suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder.
  2. As green coffee is laxative (increases gut motility), it can cause more problems for patients who have irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhea.
  3. Green coffee is linked with increased calcium excretion from the body that’s why people who have vitamin D deficiency should avoid drinking green coffee.
  4. For those who have diabetes and drink green coffee, always keep a watch on your blood sugar levels as green coffee can suddenly lower blood sugar levels.
  5. Avoid green coffee in pregnancy as it may lead to low birth weight, also, there are no studies to prove that green coffee is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

Side effects of green coffee


  1. Anxiety or restlessness
  2. Acidity
  3. Vomiting / Nausea

The Bottom line

Coffee is a very good and refreshing drink. Roasted coffee has great taste too. Just a sip of coffee gives you energy and mood elevation. Coffee also has other multiple benefits. It is an individual choice which coffee you drink and how to prepare it, both have their own benefits and own side effects.


As mentioned above there are some precautions to follow or keep in mind while drinking green coffee. Green coffee vs black coffee benefits vary, and green coffee being a less tasty drink than black coffee has more health benefits as it’s the raw seed of the coffee plant. If consumed in moderation both these drinks are beneficial and make our day better and more enthusiastic.

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