Direct laryngoscopy/ Bronchoscopy / Esophagoscopy


Some degree of throat pain/soreness is expected. You will be prescribed pain meds use them as advised.




Hoarseness/ voice change is usual, severity and duration depend on the extent of surgery/procedure and also the involvement of vocal cords by the disease. Absolute voice rest is advised for 5 days after surgery. Whispering is strongly discouraged as it is harder on your cords.




There are no restrictions as such but it’s good to start with liquids and slowly go towards solid food. Take small bites and drink between each bite. Avoid oily and spicy foods and carbonated beverages.




You can resume normal activities slowly over 1-5 days.




The specimen removed will be sent for microscopic examination, depending on the result (takes 5-7 days) treatment/management will be further discussed with you. 


Report to the clinic if

  • Fever more than 101 F.
  • Breathlessness/ shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Bleeding per oral.